Our mission

The mission of Turn Key furniture is not only to produce and distribute furniture and furnishing solutions for the contemporary office at the highest levels of functionality, aesthetics and quality, but also understand the new ways of working today and tomorrow, they fit perfectly working in the habitats around the world. Learning more is the motto of every modern company attentive to changing trends and markets. The appropriate place to everything must be flexible, adaptable to the type of message to be learned, easily reconfigurable by the method of teaching (team work, etc.), ergonomic and certainly to improve attention span of the individual user. Increase the chances of success if it fits the learning task and a flexible workplace.

Turn Key offers display solutions for shops: Supermarkets, hardware, electronics stores, Household Items, Audiovisual, Tobacconists and Newsagents… Work sheets for high quality modular systems, modular shelving for a very modern and competitive. The force of production, combined with the development of new products and solutions, allows us to offer a real competitive advantage. TN9 System ensures the functional and customized furniture solutions. The basic structure and countless accessories ensure a high number of securities exposes, whatever your need newspapers, magazines and books, and products specific to tobacco, Turn Key has the solution solid metal modular and cost effective. The possibility of coupling between the different finishes range enabling the development of advanced and customizable furniture stores unique and successful.

Turn Key Srl offers the design, construction and technical and commercial expertise of its staff, together with close cooperation with leading companies and leaders in various sectors. Based on these principles the basis of service that our company has consolidated a wide and diversified clientele in all areas. Also we do not stop just with the product, but we provide, through qualified and trained in safety and with proper equipment, accurate assembly and after-sale maintenance, creating structures also adapt to existing stores and lofts.

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