About us

Turn-Key manufactures and distributes metal shelving systems and modular furniture for the shops, supermarkets and warehouses sectors in which it has reached a major role on the national and international markets. Thorough knowledge of the market in which it operates for many years and the focus to a continuous search for quality, raise Turn-Key in a position of privilege in offering the most comprehensive service to its customers. The strategies of the company are so oriented toward a policy of increasing investment in technical and production, research and control, whose objective is the continuous improvement of quality of service and product.

The group’s activities are carried out largely within an ownership structure (1100 sqm with adjoining 100 sqm of offices in a “loading and unloading” of 500 sqm). The use of large and sophisticated machinery, the result of considerable investment of effort in recent years, lives in harmony with the participation of experts skilled artisans. The result is a production that, while staying in industrial costs, optimum is characterized by a high degree of finish and extreme attention to detail. The need to integrate the best and most effective way these different realities made it necessary to set up a technical office that meets the needs of the sector, with the addition of experienced personnel from leading companies. The effort and commitment in this program now allows us to offer a “turnkey” that spans all the sector and trade fair allowing us to be extremely competitive and have a great value for money.

The flexibility of the structure and a rational and optimized production versatility enables us practically full production to meet the most demanding needs: from small showroom, custom exhibition stand, the station service (bar and sales) on the national highway network and foreign, to the complete supply of furniture for catering, and so on. The needs of a modern market dell’allestimento increasingly competitive and Europeanized, led us to qualify more and more, and that is why we recently obtained the UNI EN ISO 9002 – Certificate No 3589 CISQ IQNET SINCERT issued by the Institute Certiquality. We were among the first companies in our industry to obtain such certification, the fruit of our efforts and all our employees to meet the quality requirements of the customer, something on which we base the principle of our company.